Medical and Security

Medical Facilities

Although the government provides health care it is generally recommended that visitors, who can afford it, try to seek private medical care which offer a much higher standard. Private hospitals and clinics can be found in most large towns, of which some of them are inadequately equipped for serious illnesses requiring intensive care or major surgery. Doctors found in these facilities speak English and the pharmacies can provide commonly required medicines such as broad spectrum antibiotics, malaria treatment and prophylactics. Consultations and laboratory tests are reasonabley inexpensive compared to countries in the west.

See Health & Immunisation for medical precautions when travelling to Tanzania.


Tanzania is a fairly safe country to travel around, although visitors should be vigilent when carrying valuable items, especially in cities and towns or travelling by local minibuses (dala dalas). Most tourist hotels and lodges have security guards (askaris).

Visitors are advised not to walk round towns on their own at night, due to the risk of muggings. Is is also not advisable to walk on lonely stretches of beach, either on the mainland or in Zanzibar.

Generally Tanzanians are warm hearted and friendly people who are willing to help visitors get the most out of their stay, but unfortunately visitors have been victims to petty crime. So stay alert when travelling out of the national parks and game reserves.

Tanzanian Private Hospitals and Health Centres

Dar es Salaam




  • Al Rahma Hospital
    Kilimani Road, Zanzibar
    Tel: +255 24 2236715


  • Aga Khan Medical Centre
    P.O. Box 270, Dodoma
    Tel +255 26 232 1789


  • Aga Khan Medical Centre
    P.O. Box 119, Iringa
    Tel +255 28 2502474


  • Aga Khan Medical Centre
    P.O. Box 159, Morogoro
    Tel +255 25 2502043


  • Aga Khan Medical Centre
    Miti Mirefu St, Mwanza
    Tel +255 28 2502474

Tanzanian Ambulance Services