Government & Economy


Tanzania has a multi party democracy with the governing party being Chama Cha Mapiduzi (CCM), ruled by President Jakaya Kikwete, who is also both Chief of State and head of Government. Democratic elections, for president and vice president, are held avery five years on the same ballot by popular vote. A cabinet is appointed by the president from among members of the National Assembly.

Zanzibar elects a president who is head of government for matters internal to Zanzibar.

The legislative capital is Dodoma, situated in central Tanzania.


Agriculture is the mainstay of Tanzania's economy, employing about two thirds of adult Tanzanians, most of whom are subsistence farmers. The bulk of farming on mainland Tanzania consists of coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, corn, wheat, cassava, cashew nuts, sisal, fruit and vegetables, and in Zanzibar, cloves and other spices.

Mining is also an important part of the sector which includes coloured gemstones, diamonds and gold. Tanzanite, a brilliant and rare gemstone is found only in Tanzania.

Tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the economy, where the government is promoting new investment and improving tourism marketing and facilities.

Tanzania is among one of the poorer African countries with an average salary US$60 to US$80 a month. About a third of the population subsists on under a US dollar a day. For more information - Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics