Tanzania VAT Refunds


Tanzania Revenue Authority offers VAT (Value Added Tax) Refunds to outgoing non citizens passengers at Julius International Airport or Kilimanjaro International Airport only.   Passengers are requested to support their claims by providing Fiscalised Receipts, Valid Passports, Air Tickets and Boarding Passes.  

In order to claim VAT at the airports passengers should ensure that the set procedures are followed:

  1. The passenger must submit the fiscalised receipts showing clearly the description of goods purchased to justify the claim.
  2. At the designated exit points TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) shall process refunds after examining the submitted original fiscalised receipts together with actual goods declared by passengers.
  3. The value of goods subjected for refund should not be below Tsh 400,000.00 (four hundred thousand Tanzanian shillings).
  4. The claim for the refund has to be submitted before the expiry of six months after the date of issuance of the fiscalised receipt.
  5. The respective purchased goods should not have been used, and in case of sealed goods the packed seal has to be intact and not otherwise.

For further information please contact the following:

Manager at Julius Nyerere International Airport - Tel: +255 22 284 4019 / +255 22 284 2402 Website: www.taa.go.tz 

Manager at Kilimanjaro International Airport  - Tel: +255 27 255 4247  Email: info@kadco.co.tz  Website: www.kilimanjaroairport.co.tz   

Director of Taxpayer Services and Education Department - Tel: +255 22 211 9591/4 / +255 22 211 9343 Email: info@tra.go.tz  Website: www.tra.go.tz