Tanzania Travel & Tourism Magazines

There are quite a number of Tanzania Travel and Tourism Magazines that are published throughout the country, that are either freely available or are for sale.  We have compiled a list of magazines that visitors can find while travelling around Tanzania.  The majority of the magazines will provide the same travel information but all of them feature highly interesting; and sometimes amusing articles on travel, culture, events and conservation, which make for a great read.  Only a couple of the magazines are available online, which we have provided links for.  So download a magazine today and get a taste of what Tanzania has to offer.  Karibu and enjoy! 

Dar es Salaam Guide

Dar es Salaam Guide is a free A5 magazine that is a monthly publication with a focus on promoting tourism.  The magazine is not only a guide to everything Dar es Salaam, but it also publishes interesting articles about Tanzania ranging from either travel and culture to shopping and events.  The full colour, glossy English magazine is published every month in 15,000 copies and distributed free countrywide, with a concentrated distribution in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Arusha and Moshi.
Tel:        +255 22 213 6250 OR +255 713 434 929
Email:    dar_life@yahoo.com OR darlife@cats-net.com

Dar Life

Dar Life is a 90 to 100 page monthly A5 magazine that extensively covers what to do in the city and features news, events and special offers.  As well as monthly events they publish recipes, tourist information and have a detailed business directory that can be found at the back of the magazine. Free copies of the publication can be found in Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Zanzibar and Arusha.
Tel:        +255 22 213 6250 OR +255 713 434 929
Email:    dar_life@yahoo.com OR darlife@cats-net.com

Karibu Zanzibar

Karibu Zanzibar is a glossy A4 magazine that was initiated by the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, and offers up to date accurate information on what is happening tourism-wise in Zanzibar.  This free glossy publication is distributed to the whole of Tanzania, and worldwide through international travel trade fairs.
Tel:           +255 24 223 2244
Fax:          +255 24 223 6583
Email:      marketing@zg-design.net OR features@zg-design.net
Website:  www.zg-design.net 

Swahili Coast

Swahili Coast is a glossy A5 bi-monthly publication featuring travel articles, a services directory and travel information.  It is distributed throughout Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.  The magazine is an effctive way of reaching potential markets and is in demand at many businesses across the island.  It is often the principle source of information for tourists in Zanzibar.
Download the latest issues:

Issue 45 - July/October 2014

Tel:           +255 24 223 2244
Email:      marketing@zg-design.net




Tantravel is a quarterly A4 glossy magazine published by the Tanzania Tourist Board, featuring wildlife and adventure articles and useful travel tips for visitors to Tanzania.  This publication is distributed throughout Tanzania and at all the international travel trade fairs.  
Tel:           +255 22 211 1244 OR +255 22 211 1245
Fax:          +255 22 211 6420
Email:      safari@ud.co.tz

Tanzania Travel and Tourism Directory

The Tanzania Travel and Tourism Directory was initiated by various associations that represent the tourism industry in Tanzania in order to help travel agents understand the quality and diversity of Tanzania's products and destinations.  This professionally printed A4 magazine is distributed extensively on the international market and it is a vital reference guide on Tanzania.
For further information - www.tanzaniatourismonline.net 


Tutoke is a travel and tourism magazine for Tanzania.  It is published annually with a wide distribution network in major cities in Tanzania as well as the local and international travel and tourism fairs.  Tutoke Magazine intends to communicate destination Tanzania to both domestic tourists and international tourists.  

Download the magazines today

Issue 1 - September 2009 

Issue 2 - June 2010

Issue 3 - August 2010

Tel:           +255 27 254 3533
Fax:          +255 27 254 3534
Email:       info@tutokemagazine.com

Twiga Times

This A4 glossy magazine if published by Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and features industry news, updates and conservation articles.  Twiga Times is freely available and is distributed throughout Tanzania and at international travel trade fairs.  
Tel:          +255 27 250 4188
Fax:         +255 27 250 6430
Email:      tato@cybernet.co.tz
Website:  http://twiga-times-tato.com


Ujumbe is an A4 glossy quarterly magazine that features Tanzania adventure, travel, culture, lifestyle and environment.  They also have a gallery section which focuses on fabulous images of Tanzania.  This publication is freely distributed throughout Tanzania.
Tel:          +255 27 250 6294
Fax:         +255 27 250 6294
Email:      info@jumbeink.com

Zanzibar Travel and Tourism Directory

This A4 glossy directory is published in association with the Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) and the Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO).  This publication was initiated in order to help travel agents understand the diversity and the quality of products in Zanzibar.  This magazine is distributed at all the travel trade fairs.
Tel:          +255 24 223 2244
Email:      marketing@zg-design.net
Website:  www.zg-design.net 

East Africa Destination Magazine

East Africa Destination Magazine is an A4 glossy magazine that is published in Kenya and distributed throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  Although the magazine is mainly about Kenya they occasionally publish very interesting travel articles about Tanzania.  The publication is of a very high standard, the articles are very well written and their photographs are outstanding.
Tel:          +254 20 240 5611 +254 704 027 553
Email:      info@haligonianinvestment.com
Website:  www.eadestination.com